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bio-based hotel slipper.

Turn every step of your guests into an exceptional experience.
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Certified plastic-free

All BioFootWear® Company products are certified plastic-free.


BioFootWear® uses raw materials made in Europe.


Logo, design... Customize our slippers and bags as you wish.


100% plant-based, bio-sourced, biodegradable, and compostable.


BioFootWear® soles comply with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety standards.


Discover hydrophobic insoles among our BioFootWear® slipper ranges.

FSC certification.

BioFootWear® uses raw materials based on FSC-certified wood cellulose.

ISO certification

BioFootWear® slippers adhere to ISO 16620-2 standards.

Hotel bio slippers
in linen

Discover customizable linen slippers, designed from Normandy linen, 100% biodegradable and bio-sourced.

White hotel bio slippers

Discover customizable white slippers for hotels made from 100% bio-sourced materials.

Hotel bio wool slippers

Discover customizable recycled wool slippers derived from the recovery of unused short fibers.

Hotel bio cotton slippers

Discover organic cotton slippers by BioFootWear® Company, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Try our iconic 100% bio-based hotel slipper.

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BioFootWear is a brand under the French company AlterNativ’Bio, which designs eco-friendly products for the hospitality industry. We have created the one and only 100% bio-sourced slipper.

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BioFootWear® Company réalise des produits 100% éco-responsables à travers sa marque Odonate.

Découvrez nos chaussons et sacs entièrement bio-sourcés à destination des professionnels de l’hôtellerie.