Slippers Odonate The Recycled

“Odonate” slippers ref. The Recycled by BioFootWear® Company

  • Majority Recycled Wool
  • Linen ground sole
  • Inner upper: Natural cotton
  • 100 % Biodegradable and compostable
  • 100 % Bio-based
  • Women's size – 27 cm
  • Men's size – 30 cm

Offer comfort to your customers:

  • Wool: available in two thicknesses (400 gr/m2 and 700 gr/m2)
  • Linen: 1000 gr/m2

Our recycled 100% wool comes from the recovery of short fibers not used in the production of clothing.

Our flax comes from the Norman cultures, we manufacture in Portugal, isn't the story interesting?

Natural slippers by BioFootWear®