Creator of the first 100% bio-sourced hotel slipper

Hotel slippers Caussün Organic Cotton

Colours : white

Comfort + : The organic cotton fur sole gently cradles your foot, and the entire sole is lined with our recycled wool for extra warmth. And for extreme comfort, we've decided to add 8mm of recycled foam under the heel.

Outsole: in recycled PET, non-slip

Manufacture : handcrafted, made in Portugal

Interview: Opt for a dry wash using terre de Sommières or wipe with a damp cloth.

Fuck plastic, long live sustainable, plant-based materials
Fuck plastic, long live sustainable, plant-based materials

Raw materials without chemical additives

Cellulose fibre

A sustainable and environmentally-friendly material, widely used for its robustness, thermal insulation, biodegradability, light weight and flexibility in a variety of applications.

Comfort foam

Homemade from cellulose fibre, all 100% plant-based.


Linen is a natural fibre obtained from the flax plant that feels cool in summer and comfortable in winter.


Produced from sheep in the Massif Central region, our wool is collected, washed and carded in the Ardèche.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a form of cotton grown without pesticides or harmful chemical fertilisers, which is particularly pleasant to the touch and comfortable for the skin.

Cotton fur

Cotton fur is a soft, fluffy textile made from cotton to imitate the warmth and texture of fur without using animal material.

Hotel slippers customizable

Discover our range of personalised hotel slippers and all our white-label hospitality products (minimum to personalise: 500 pairs except for Caussün slippers).

They make us trust

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