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Discover the bio-sourced hotel slippers from the BioFootWear® brand by AlterNativ'Bio. Made in Portugal, BioFootWear® hotel slippers are designed without plastic, using natural and sustainable materials from Europe. Good to know, by choosing BioFootWear® hotel slippers, your establishment will be awarded an eco-label thanks to AlterNativ'Bio.smaller carbon footprint and our ISO 16620-2 certification.

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Discover the bio-sourced hotel bags of the BioFootWear® brand by AlterNativ'Bio. Made in Portugal, BioFootWear® hotel bags are fully customisable (printing and dimensions).

Commitments BioFootWear®

Through its hotel slippers and welcome products BioFootWear® is committed to offering 100% products made from natural, sustainable plant-based materials and without plastic.


100% bio-sourced, natural and sustainable products


All our products are plastic-free


European manufacturing and raw materials


Our insoles comply with the PPE standard


Our soles are hydrophobic


All our hospitality products can be customised

ISO certification

BioFootWear® complies with the ISO 16620-2 standard

FSC certification

Traceability of our raw materials, FSC-certified

About us BioFootWear®

BioFootWear® is a French brand specialising in the manufacture of biobased 100% hotel slippersnatural and plastic-free, made in Europe. With materials such as cellulose fibre, Normandy flax and Ardèche wool, our products offer ecological and customisable comfort for your customers. Our collection is entirely bio-sourced in Europe, replacing all fossil-based plastics with plant-based materials. By choosing BioFootWear®, you are opting for authenticity and commitment to the environment, while offering your customers a sincere, eco-responsible experience.

Customisable bio-sourced hotel slippers

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Questions frequent

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about hotel slippers and BioFootWear® hospitality products.

BioFootWear® hotel slippers are specially designed for hospitality and wellness professionals, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts and spas. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our products, which are made from plant-based and recycled fibres. Our slippers are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle, from raw material to packaging. We use biodegradable, recyclable and certified materials such as bamboo, hemp, recycled polyester and other natural fibres. By choosing BioFootWear® hotel slippers, hospitality professionals can help reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in the textile and hospitality industry.

Choosing bio-sourced slippers for your hotel has a number of environmental and economic benefits. Firstly, slippers made from recycled or recyclable materials help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. By using recycled textiles, biodegradable polymers or plant fibres, you can reduce your establishment's ecological footprint.

Yes, we offer customised hotel slippers. Our slippers are made from recyclable materials, helping to reduce tonnes of synthetic waste and plastic packaging. They are made from 100% plant-based materials, offering an ecological and sustainable solution. We use recycled textile fibres in their manufacture, giving them a second life while reducing plastic waste and production residues. By choosing our personalised slippers, you're helping to promote the circular economy, reduce environmental impact and make the most of recycled materials.

Yes, our hotel slippers are recyclable. They are designed with sustainability in mind and made from environmentally friendly materials, allowing them to be recycled once they have reached the end of their use cycle. We are committed to caring for our planet by offering eco-friendly options to our guests.