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Hotel slippers eco-responsible

BioFootWear® slippers are made in Europe in Portugal.

Hotel slippers White

Discover the white cellulose fibre slippers by BioFootWear®, the specialist in eco-responsible slippers for hospitality professionals.

Hotel slippers in Linen

Discover BioFootWear® 100 % biobased French linen slippers.

Hotel slippers in Wool

Discover slippers made from recycled Ardèche wool by BioFootWear®, creators of the first 100% biosourced hotel slipper.

Hotel slippers in Organic cotton

Discover organic cotton slippers by BioFootWear®, 100% biosourced.

Hotel slippers Caussün

Discover the Caussün slippers by BioFootWear®, with a wool fur sole and recycled PET outsole.

Questions frequent

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about hotel slippers and BioFootWear® hospitality products.

A bio-sourced hotel slipper is a type of slipper made from materials derived from renewable natural resources, such as biodegradable polyethylene or recycled polypropylene. These slippers are designed with the environment in mind, using environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles or recyclable food cartons. They can also be made from organic fibres, such as cellulose wadding, to reduce their environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from production to disposal. By encouraging the recycling and reuse of materials, bio-sourced hotel slippers contribute to more sustainable waste management and the preservation of the environment.

It's important to use eco-friendly slippers in your hotel to reduce its environmental impact. Opting for slippers made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastic or recycled polyester, helps to reuse raw materials and reduce waste production. Eco-friendly slippers can also be made from other sustainable and recyclable materials, such as recycled paper or recycled textiles, thereby contributing to the circular economy and preserving natural resources. Using eco-friendly slippers also encourages more responsible waste management, promoting recycling and reducing the need for incineration or landfill. These sustainable practices allow for a more environmentally friendly approach to the hotel's waste management, while offering guests an eco-responsible experience during their stay.

Hotel guests are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their stay, and eco-responsible slippers generally elicit a positive response. By opting for slippers made from recycled or biodegradable materials, guests appreciate the establishment's ecological initiative. They often value efforts to reduce plastic waste, encourage recycling and promote more responsible management of natural resources. Eco-responsible slippers are seen as a symbol of commitment to the environment and can help to improve the hotel's image with guests who are concerned about their ecological footprint. By offering eco-responsible slippers, hotels are responding to consumers' growing expectations in terms of sustainability and demonstrating their commitment to protecting the environment.