Creator of the first 100% bio-sourced hotel slipper

Eco-responsible slippers

BioFootWear® slippers are made in Europe in Portugal

White slippers

Discover the white cellulose fibre slippers by BioFootWear®, the specialist in eco-responsible slippers for hospitality professionals.

Closed Ecostep (BP)

Open Ecostep (BM)

Ecowooly (BP700)

Linen slippers

Discover BioFootWear® 100 % biobased French linen slippers.

Bioplush Hy (BP8621)

Bioplush Linen (NP8621 Executive)

Greenwalk (NP700)

Woolen slippers

Discover slippers made from recycled Ardèche wool by BioFootWear®, creators of the first 100% biosourced hotel slipper.

Natural Wool Executiv

Natural Wool Palace

Organic cotton slippers

Discover organic cotton slippers by BioFootWear®, 100% bio-sourced

Coton Cloud Executiv

Cloud Palace cotton (cotton fur)

Comfy Bio (Organic cotton)

Caussün slippers

Discover the Caussün slippers by BioFootWear®, with a wool fur sole and recycled PET outsole.

Caussün Natural

Chocolate Caussün

Caussün Organic Cotton

Caussün Cendrée

Take the plunge

BioFootWear® Company manufactures products 100% eco-responsible through its brand Odonate.

Discover our slippers and bags entirely bio-sourced for professionals hotel industry.