Creator of the first 100% bio-sourced hotel slipper


Discover the unique concept of BioFootWear®, a history and responsible products 100% of plant origin

Taking the first step

Start your green transition with us!

BioFootWear® are 100 % hotel slippers that are bio-sourced in Europe, natural and plastic-free.

We work with materials such as cellulose fibre, Normandy flax and Ardèche wool.

Offer your customers the comfort of eco-friendly, customisable slippers.


100% biosourced, natural and sustainable


All BioFootWear® products are plastic-free


BioFootWear® manufactures its products and uses raw materials in Europe


BioFootWear® insoles comply with the PPE safety standard


BioFootWear® insoles are hydrophobic


All our hospitality products can be customised

ISO certification

BioFootWear® slippers comply with ISO 16620-2 standard

FSC certification

Traceability of our raw materials, FSC-certified

biofootwear organic cotton fur slipper Luxury white slippers customisable unisex disposable


The BioFootWear® collection is 100% biosourced in Europe, natural and plastic-free.

All fossil-based plastics have been replaced by plant-based materials, with the aim of creating a noble and committed product.

Discover BioFootWear® hotel slippers, eco-designed and customisable.

How is it done?

Blue, White, Red

Play the authenticity card and opt for a raw product selected directly in Normandy. Our wool comes from French sheep in the Massif Central.

Au naturel

Our aim: to produce without artifice, with an eye to the environment.
Yours: to offer your customers a sincere and committed service.


Take the plunge

BioFootWear® Company manufactures products 100% eco-responsible through its brand Odonate.

Discover our slippers and bags entirely bio-sourced for professionals hotel industry.