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All about the brand of eco-responsible slippers "Odonate"

September 2, 2019

Founded in 2006 by Philippe Aguad, BioFootWear® (BFC) is a Marseille-based company specializing in the creation of hospitality products for professionals in the hotel and wellness sector.

Through its brand called "Odonate", the company designs eco-responsible products such as plant-based 100% slippers and bags.

Odonate slippers 100% bio-sourced ref. BP22 by BioFootWear®

What does the brand name Odonate mean?

The name Odonata comes from Odonata which in French means dragonflies, as can be seen through the brand's logo. For BioFootWear®, this little insect with transparent wings and three pairs of legs represents the very essence of the brand: nature, ecology, independence and simplicity.

Odonate dragonfly logo by BioFootWear®

What are the products of the Odonate brand?

The Odonate collection comes in two ranges, slippers and bio-sourced 100% bags eco-friendly.

The company offers a range of slippers, open or closed, made of bamboo fiber or linen and customizable. Available in women's, men's and children's sizes, they offer unequaled comfort and lightness thanks to their composition of natural materials. All Odonate slippers are bio-sourced 100% and exist for men and women. The Odonate slippers have a non-slip sole, offer unequaled comfort and lightness thanks to their natural bamboo composition.

But Odonate does not stop there, a collection of customizable and natural bags are made by the brand. Made from bamboo fiber, the company offers laundry bag, hair dryer bag and drawstring shoe bag, tote bag-style newspaper bags and a slipper bag. But also a laundry bag and a bag for slippers in recycled kraft paper.

Does the Odonate brand have any certifications?

The products offered by the Odonate brand are all manufactured in Europe in Portugal and comply with the ISO 16620-20 standard which guarantees a 100% vegetable origin of the products. In addition, the Odonate brand by BioFootWear® has received an eco-label: Ecorismo. Thus, the Odonate brand is recognized and certified as a brand offering real eco-products acting in favor of the environment and sustainable development for the tourism sectors.

Odonate by BioFootWear® is certified by the Ecorismo eco-label

How are Odonate slippers made?

Odonate products by BioFootWear® are designed in Europe in Portugal and made entirely by hand. For the brand, it is essential to remain authentic and opt for a raw product. Producing without artifice, with an eye on the environment, is the motto of the hotel slippers brand Odonate.

What is the life cycle of an Odonate slipper?

First of all, after its use, the Odonate slipper gradually becomes organic waste. Once underground, the product softens naturally. Finally, in just 90 days, thanks to its natural and chemical-free 100% composition, the Odonate slipper becomes compost.

Is it possible to personalize Odonate products?

Odonate products by BioFootWear® have been meticulously designed for hospitality professionals and Spa owners wishing to respect the environment. Thus, the Odonate brand offers its products in white label and allows its customers to affix the logo of their establishment and even their printed matter.

Who are the customers of the Odonate brand?

Among its clients, the Odonate brand names prestigious hotels such as Evian Resort, Esprit de France, Hôtel Ermitage, Châteauform', Hôtel Royal and Hidden Hôtel.

Where can we find the Odonate brand?

The Odonate brand regularly participates in trade fairs such as the Equip'Hotel, Hotel & Lodge Pro or even the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam.

How to contact the Odonate brand?

To contact BioFootWear® regarding its Odonate brand, please complete the Contact form, by phone at +33 4 91 71 23 29 or from the online chat from the official website Are you a company in the hotel or wellness sector and you want to offer the best to your customers? Contact BioFootWear® now.

I would like to support the ecological initiative of the BioFootWear®, how do I do this?

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